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By using the form below, a personalised vanity address will be calculated. By storing your part of the private key we make sure nobody has access to your address, except you!

About us

At Vante we believe a good service is important. However security should never be compromised because of this. Our secure services use split-key address generation which guarantees the user to be the single owner of a Bitcoin address.

personalised Bitcoin address

Personalised Bitcoin address

This service allows you to generate a Bitcoin address starting with a pattern of your choosing. For example: 1vante

Secure address generation

We use split-key address generation. This means the user only gives us his publick key and stores the private key himself. When generating the final Bitcoin vanity address, the user will have to use his private key to unlock the final keypair. This ensures no one but the user will have access to the generated vanity address.

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